Shotgun Jefferson

Meet The Band

Shotgun Jefferson is a Southern California-based country band that draws its musical inspiration from its rock and roll roots. Fronted by Jeff Zazueta, their high-energy, danceable songs transcend age and resonate with a large audience. Self-described "non-country" fans have become converts of their California Country Style - powerful vocals coupled with guitar solos and blended harmonies. In 2020, Shotgun Jefferson won the award for Country Band of the Year for the JMA's.

No stranger to the spotlight, Shotgun Jefferson has shared bills with country superstars like Lindsay Ell, The Lacs, Brooke Eden, Moonshine Bandits, Jordan Rager, Jessica Lynn, and Pop Acts Missing Persons and Bow Wow Wow, Aaron Watson, Meghan Lindsey, & Confederate Railroad.


  • 2020 Josie Music Awards Country Band of The Year
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Jeff Zazueta

Lead Vocals

Based in Rancho Cucamonga, Jeff is Shotgun Jefferson's lead vocalist. Having started playing drums at the age of 17, Jeff began his music career as a young musician. His brother, who is also a musician, challenged him to karaoke when he was 19 years old. The song Black by Pearl Jam was Jeff's vocal debut for an audience of about 50 people. His enthusiasm for singing was sparked by the standing ovation he received. As an avid fan of Michael Jackson, Pantera, The Brothers Osbourne, Jason Alden, Eric Church, and Garth Brooks, he describes his music as an amalgam of modern rock and country music. The artist has released a full-length album and singles like Stomp My Boots, Best Life Ever, Escape, and Have a Few In Havasu. The Route 91 Reunion Festival in Las Vegas, which was held in tribute to the victims of the attack, Old Town Music Festival, Upland Music Festival, and the premiere of California Country Folk are some of his most memorable performances. Shotgun Jefferson has shared bills with country superstars like Lindsay Ell, The Lacs, Brooke Eden, Moonshine Bandits, Jordan Rager, Jessica Lynn, and Pop Acts Missing Persons and Bow Wow, Aaron Watson, Meghan Lindsey, & Confederate Railroad. Several movies have featured his music and several radio stations throughout the country have played it. His plans for advancing his music career include collaborating with artists and continuing to write music.  

Dean Parra


Dean is based out of Anaheim, California and is the lead guitarist for Shotgun Jefferson.  He discovered his passion for guitar at the age of 6 after being introduced to it by his brother, Sug (bass).  It did not take him long to master technique, as he had an innate ability to learn songs through listening.  The band he formed with his brothers was Dean's very first band experience, and he later made his debut at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood when he was 16-years-old.  Besides writing, Dean has collaborated with artists in a wide variety of genres.  Recent songwriting inspiration came from the collaboration between Sug (bass) and Jeff (vocals).  Bringing in Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Little Texas Brothers Osborn and Eric Clapton influences to his music, he makes it rock and funk-drenched with a good dose of "country licks".  Along with working with Shotgun Jefferson, Dean was also involved in producing Joseph Vincent's Blue Skies Album.  Besides playing guitar, he also teaches guitar, mixes and records, and has set up a home studio that he uses to carry out studio work.

Sug Parra


Coming out of Downey, California, Sug Parra is Shotgun Jefferson’s bass player. A 12-year-old Sug began his music career with a one-octave Casio mini-keyboard he found laying around his house. Having picked it up, he immediately began writing songs and created his first 3-song demo, "Hunger Artists", which he recorded and released at the age of 19. During a "New Year's Eve Overnight Park and Recreation" party, he made his musical debut for kids whose parents had left them behind as they celebrated the new year. A replay of Elvis performing an acoustic set after returning from the service fired his desire to become an artist. The sound he creates resembles a melodic rock groove with elements of funk and soul thrown in.  Michael Rhodes, Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, Nathan Watts, and James Jamerson are among his most influential artists. Some of Sug's project releases include Hunger Artists, The Aurora Borealis (self-titled). Simple Spirits (self-titled). Low Low Jones (self-titled). Blue Skies - Joseph Vincent; and recently, Have A Few In Havasu with Shotgun Jefferson.  Along with his live performances and studio time with Shotgun Jefferson, Sug is currently working on a project intended to encourage the creative process and plans to publish a recently completed children's book.